Storyteller / Content Creator


At Aimforthemoon, we improve how tomorrow's ventures are built. You can see "Aim" as a studio where we build, break, and improve ideas that support the delivery of breakthrough innovations. 

Currently, we have too many ideas for the people we have in our Marketing team. Therefore, we are looking for a full-time Storyteller / Content Creator to join our team. The "Aim" team includes corporate innovation veterans, former entrepreneurs, motorcycle aficionados and musicians. Above all, we are self-starters who are eager to create.

You'll be working in a small marketing team that is aimed at creating a brand that people love and trust. Your family and friends call you a 'powerhouse'; you're never short of ideas and you know how to get things done.

Join us when you're ready to commit yourself to a challenging and adventurous chapter in your life.

Job requirements

Experience is great, but results are better.

As our candidate, you can demonstrate:

  • A portfolio of high-quality creative work (written, video, podcast, including links) that has been published in English
  • A track record that shows you can consistently deliver high-quality content

These are other 'need-to-haves' for the job:

  • Excellent English writing skills - native speaker preferred
  • Dutch language proficiency - written and oral
  • Good video production skills
  • Entrepreneurial experience - in your own company or somebody else's
  • Coachability - you need to be open to feedback

These are 'nice-to-haves' for the job:

  • (Corporate) innovation experience
  • Good-excellent Hubspot skills
  • Relevant creative hobbies/side projects

Application procedure:

We aren't looking for a dime in a dozen. We are looking for an original individual with a point of view. Please send us:

  • A visual remix of our last five newsletters (which can be found here, here, here, here and here). The remix must be accompanied by copy of at least 250 words. 
  • A portfolio of your best work of the last five years (marketing campaigns, videos, articles, podcasts etc). 

Thank you,

On behalf of Aimforthemoon, 

Gregor Noltes, Growth Lead